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BarefootandBareback 3 years ago
This has some of my favorite things. Cheating wife wearing her wedding ring and being fucked bareback. Makes me love my wife even more for being a slut.
Shame 3 years ago
Not my proudest nut
Lol 3 years ago
That husband is fucked in the head to set it up like this. Well done bro.
4 years ago
Did this with my wife and friend, and it was awesome
Forreals 3 years ago
So really big secret but my friend fucked my wife 4 times, wish they would fuck again so I could video tape it , miss my wife sucking and sitting on his big fat dick , hopefully no one will ever find out and I can watch my wifes ass bounce when he fucks her from behind again
Fellow Cuck 2 years ago
I've done this with my wife and my close friends several times. If you're gonna do it, my advice is choose a close friend you can trust not to text her behind your back etc.
3 years ago
This gave me the feels for the poor guy
Buddy ehh 4 years ago
What about dinner that was cooking
Jizzlobber 3 years ago
Whenever I come home and there is a new car in our driveway. I instantly get hard because I know I’m walking in to my wife fucking some guy like a good whore
Marty 3 years ago
Not usually a fan of pro porn,especially pro cuck porn but this was well done.
My first cuckold experience was freshman year college. Basically the frat president made a secret deal with me to fuck my gf in exchange for an easy ride. She was all for it. She ans I split a year later but I'm.married now to a great woman and we invite others a lot. She married a guy and her friend who works with me said there REALLY into it like chastity and all that jazz.